The consumption of “Whole Grain” grains  with their excellent nutritional properties can help you define an excellent diet, adapting to your daily habits and without sacrificing taste.


Not all wholemeal flours are the same: in fact they have different nutritional and functional values, this
depends on their structure and the type of processing of the cereals. If these are recomposed, they lose
some of their nutrients and benefits.


A Whole Grain but Intact Grain Flour – that is with all the parts of the wheat grain (starch, fiber, germ) -, in addition to having an extraordinary amount of nutrients, is characterized by a low grinding of starch which affects the transformation of sugars .





Whole Grain Is the term that identifies   all those products derived from the processing of cereals that contain all the parts of the wheat grain: starch, bran, germ.

There are multiple definitions of Whole Grain.
This is the best for us.

“Whole Grain” Grains and foods derived from them contain all the essential parts and natural nutrients of the whole wheat seed in their original proportions. If the grain has been processed (eg broken, crushed, rolled, extruded and / or cooked), the food product should provide the same rich nutrient balance found in the original wheat seed “

https://wholegrainscouncil.org/definition-whole-grain 2004, May





Taking into consideration the definition of Whole Grain, Integrano believes in the value of these products because of:



The Whole Grain initiative presents itself as an interdisciplinary non-profit network on a worldwide level.
It was born after the 6th International Whole Grain Summit in 2017 with the aim of coordinating a collective action plan and increasing the consumption and intake of whole grains worldwide, due to their importance in diets.


In recent decades, many organizations have sprung up to support the daily use of this particular type of grain processing:

Healthgrain Forum
Whole Grain Initiative
Whole Grains Council

Integrano also supports and adheres to the values ​​of the Whole Grain initiative.
We are partners of many international universities and research institutes.

Whole Grain Partners